Pimples and how they can become an opportunity for an important lesson about our body’s health and about consumer awareness

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21 Oct


Pimples and how they can become an opportunity for an important lesson about our body’s health and about consumer awareness.

When tiny pimples start appearing on our children’s silky-smooth faces, we sometimes get slightly or incredibly anxious, because some of us have gone through puberty with our faces bubbling like a red concoction, and we would like to erase that time period from our memories. Even if we haven’t undergone it ourselves, we at least witnessed it in our peers. We don’t want our little kids to walk around like that - especially during a time when it’s so important for them to be seen as flawless by society.

The panic that takes hold of us will lead most of us to professional treatments with cosmeticians or doctors, and they’ll sell us various ointments, medications and even a series of treatments. That’s what everyone does. Sometimes there’s a slight improvement, sometime there’s an improvement followed by a worsening of the condition and that can repeat itself a few times. Sometimes nothing helps.

And what did we actually do? We taught our children their first wrong lesson in treating their body’s health: When your body shows signs of distress, eliminate the signs (symptoms). Rush to use any medicine or ointment without checking and investigating it thoroughly, as long as the symptoms disappear. Congratulations! We’ve just added our children to the well-oiled system of consumerism that lacks awareness and doubts but is full of dedication towards anything the industry offers us.

Another way of dealing with pimples is finding out what causes them, and what worsens their severity: black heads here and there are one thing (a normal teenage occurrence for those with oily skin, and regular cleansing cosmetic treatments can ease the symptoms), but it’s a whole other thing to have red pus-filled spots or blackheads and whiteheads over most of the face, which refill again and again, and which only get slight relief (though damaging the skin in the long run) from harsh ointments (containing acids) or from swallowing medication with unknown side effects.

Pimples are an excellent and unique opportunity (those without symptoms don’t get one) to learn a real lesson about the nature of our skin, which is a body part the same as the rest of the parts in our body, and one which many times is the first to react to our body’s distresses. For example, malnutrition can worsen acne. You can tell children: You need to eat healthy food! But what is healthy food? Is being vegan or vegetarian healthy? My vegan and vegetarian clients always had a deficiency in their blood tests, even when they were certain that they ate healthily. For example, an iron deficiency will damage collagen, which is important for our skin. But iron isn’t the only ingredient. And how does one handle the humane aspect? And what about massive sugar intakes? “Don’t eat sweets” doesn’t help when you don’t truly understand the influence of sugar on our body.

This is why I wrote a book about all this and much more. I saw the major lack of basic knowledge in my male and female teenage clients, in young people and in their parents too. For years the industry has been brainwashing us with unproven and irrelevant “knowledge”. I call it “fake news” which distracts us from understanding the basis, the bottom of the pyramid - which should be as clear to us as knowing the sun’s up in the day and the moon’s up at night. I felt that I wished this information had been available to me when I was young - it would have saved me so much anguish and so many health issues.

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