Needling for skin - is it really beneficial? Can it potentially harm?

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26 Nov

 Take a look at a diagram of the skin’s structure: it’s composed in the same brilliant way that the rest of our body is, layer upon layer upon layer - each one, in itself, consisting of numerous layers. Each layer is composed of living cells surrounded by a fat-enriched viscous liquid, which protects the skin from moisture loss. Capillary blood vessels supply the cells with everything they require. There are sweat pores and sebaceous glands, nerve fibers and muscles, fat cells, elastin and collagen fibers, and they all make up the beautiful glorious tissue which women around the world are just going to puncture - with whatever dosage and intensity they see fit. Softly? Every two hours? Once a day? Maybe forcefully enough to damage the middle or even lower layers, depending on the skin’s thickness. 

Who knows? And who’s protecting these women from such a damaging purchase? No one, of course. Yet another invention. People invent all sorts of things all the time - some inventions are beneficial, and some are destructive.

Derma Roller 

Someone asked me if it wasn’t the same as mesotherapy. Mesotherapy is bad, it’s an illusion and here’s why I refuse to use the treatment in my clinic. It injures the skin in a way which causes it to lose moisture and become more penetrable by germs. Moreover, by repeating the treatment, you’re highly likely to develop coarse warts, because that’s what happens when the skin gets injured repeatedly - it produces a thicker layer of skin, in order to protect itself. After this treatment, the skin stretches slightly due to the inflammation caused, which is what creates the illusion of smoothed out wrinkles. The advantage of mesotherapy over home devices is that you can’t do the treatment whenever you want or as regularly as you want. It has to be conducted with a certified cosmetician and only once every so often - so at least the damage is a one-time occurrence, not a prolonged regular one.

By the way, a client of mine underwent mesotherapy - not with me of course - and has since been experiencing sensitivity and a burning sensation on her skin. She returned to me for a recovery treatment.

Like most gadgets which are sold online, these devices have not been tested or approved by any form of governing body. They were simply invented by a private individual somewhere out there, never checked and never proven to actually eliminate wrinkles.

Don’t make your skin a test dummy - it remembers everything!

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