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12 Feb

Treating Your Skin Wisely for esthetician 

When I started my journey as an independent cosmetician, I chose to be a nature-based cosmetician, meaning to treat my clients using only natural substances. As time went by and I delved deeper into the subject matter, I realized that in order to be a real nature-based cosmetician I’d have to understand in-depth what really is natural, what’s really right and non-harmful for the skin, so that I could choose from the array of substances and treatments that cosmetics companies offer the cosmeticians, and make the appropriate choices for my clients. Correct guidance for clients regarding the usage of their cosmetic products at home, such as shampoo and soap, immediately improves their skin’s condition. Not only that - correct guidance for clients with regard to nutrition can also improve their skin’s condition in the long run, much more than any cosmetic product, due to the skin’s creation from the inside outwards, and not the other way around.

More and more people are becoming aware of the damages from using conventional cosmetics products, and seek a totally nature-based treatment for themselves. They look to purchase natural cosmetics from small and high-quality manufacturers. 70% of my clients directly purchase their treatment products from me, despite my lack of advertising, unlike the natural cosmetics manufacturers who don’t also treat the clients as I do - they simply trust me. When I began dealing with nature-based cosmetics 13 years ago, natural cosmetics weren’t as popular as they are nowadays. It was only a select few - those leading a nature-based lifestyle or those with allergies to certain chemicals used in cosmetics - who searched for a nature-based cosmetician.

Today, awareness of nature-base cosmetics is much higher, and the amounts of information about it and familiarity with its ways are much greater. There are also quite a lot of people making their own nature-based products, and they seek cosmeticians who will treat them using only natural substances. In my country, I’m among the few who treat only with natural substances, which is why even today, 13 years later, clients travel to my clinic from very far-away places. They know that there’s not a chance of my applying any substances on their skin that will peel it, sting or tingle, simply because that completely goes against my methods.

Furthermore, many cosmetics companies take advantage of the lack of in-depth knowledge that cosmeticians show, selling them very expensive treatment devices that promise to move mountains but never follow through. Cosmeticians are then left with an expensive device and find themselves forced to continue promoting the lie and illusion to their clients, even once they know that the device doesn’t do what it says on the box. That is a sure way of losing clients very quickly. A disappointed client will never return, she won’t bring you her teenaged children and she won’t recommend you to her friends and family. So, you’ll have to continue promoting your business to new clients for your entire professional life, instead of your reputation travelling by word-of-mouth and your business growing and developing in a natural and correct manner.

Reading the book that I wrote will provide you with vast knowledge in all of the areas I mentioned, and even more. Knowledge that will aid and support you within your professional as well as personal life.

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