1In Nature - The Outer Indicating the Inner14-20
2Paying Attention to the Signs21-28
3Do Cosmetics Fix Everything?29-32
4The First Stage in Healing the Skin - Neutralizing External Factors33-43
5Understanding the Internal Factors of Skin Issues44-59
6Second Stage of Healing the Skin -Assessing Inner Factors60-68
7Essential General Information About Our Food69-85
8Healthy Nutrition for Your Skin
How to self-assess your body’s nutritious deficiencies
Table 1Recommendations and distribution of food groups according to nutrition type96-98
Table 2A list of food groups, vitamins and minerals important for our body101-111
9Don’t Mess with the Epidermis112-120
10Nourishing and Cleaning Your Face: Secrets and Tricks121-130
11Dry Skin – Reasons and Solutions131-137
12Celebrity Secrets138-143
13Aging of the Skin and Ways for Slowing Down the Process144-161

Conclusion – April 9th 2019161-162

Photos Credits 163-164