"The book "Treating Your Skin Wisely" was defined by its author as a guide book, however - alongside the advice on how to maintain and strengthen the largest part of our body, there is vast information on nearly all aspects of life.
Throughout the internet, we encounter bits of information and accidental details gleaned from research. We are flooded with information that does not give us the entire picture, but rather confuses us.
This book brings together, in a systematic and methodical manner, knowledge that the author has accumulated as a cosmetician, from her own personal experience, and from the deep and comprehensive research that she has conducted over the years.
The most noticeable motif of the book is that the writer really cares, yet without any judgment or criticism of people's choices and decisions, which might harm their skin. The recommendations of what to do and not to do are given as advice, and the aspiration of achieving healthy and well-groomed skin, for the near and distant future, accompanies every choice and decision."

Nava Liebman, Queens University, N. Ireland, linguistic editor, scriptwriter, Hebrew lecturer

Why did I write a book about skin? What can it tell us that we don’t already know?
So yes, I wouldn’t have devoted three years of my life if I didn’t feel like I’m going to explode from all the knowledge I’ve gathered within me. I felt that my life mission was to pass everything I’d understood over to anyone who wants to take care of their skin, but for reasons unrelated to them, simply make mistakes and ruin their skin instead of improving it. I’ve already shared this knowledge with hundreds of my private clients, but this knowledge is too important to only remain with a select few.

At a time when there’s a jungle of information about cosmetics that is erupting onto us, this book comes to sort out your information from beginning to end: what is skin, what does it even need from us, what makes it healthy and strong and what weakens it, how to treat skin issues such as acne or extreme dryness, how to treat very sensitive skin, what is a hidden cosmetic allergy and how to treat it, how can our skin provide indication for other issues in our body.

I have discovered a lot of fake news during the recent decade, a lot of mistakes, a major lack of basic knowledge in skin and the human body, many cases of negligence and irreversible injuries to skin. I’ve delved deep into the subject matter and arrived at clear conclusions regarding what is good and right for the skin, and what is wrong and destructive. Believe me - whatever is good for your skin is also good for the rest of your body, and vice versa, after all, skin is part of your body, even the biggest part of it.

This is  a self-help book: I’ll be guiding you step by step on how to improve your skin’s condition.
This book isn’t “heavy”. I’ve made sure to shorten the process and present you with the most important information in every section, so that you can understand the subject as quickly as possible.

In this book, I also confront the issue of nutrition. After numerous years of exposure and investigation I’m certain that I know what a healthy diet for your skin contains, and I definitely burst a few bubbles regarding nutrition, at least for some of you.
If your kids are teenagers, you’ll be able to gradually and informatively pass on the information in this book to your children. If your kids are very young, you’ll get a lot of tips about protecting their skin at every stage of their development.

I can guarantee that you’ll be surprised with information which you hadn’t considered, in every chapter you get to. Information which you assumed was wholly accurate will suddenly be discovered as unsubstantiated, and you will become informed consumers. Maybe a little bit cynical, but you’ll definitely become more responsible towards your health and mainly your skin.